About Janice Porter

I began my career as a teacher, was a corporate trainer for many years, and have now found my niche in coaching business owners to network at a world-class level.

My passion is working with motivated people, who are coachable and who want to build their businesses through relationship marketing and networking (offline & online). I help my clients create retention strategies, grow through referrals, and create loyal customers by staying connected.

Business Owner and Entrepreneur

For the past several years I have owned my own business. I am committed to showing others how to grow their businesses; and training them to build and sustain solid relationships with past, present, and future customers to lead to more sales and more referrals.


As a seasoned training specialist, my training focuses on how to authentically build relationships, communicate effectively and networking skills. Teaching and training is really my calling. My passion for the subject matter, informal personal style, and ability to create an inclusive teaching environment enhances learning and creates stimulating conversations. I enjoy working with groups of all sizes and individuals in person and online.


I pride myself in being a consummate networker and successfully connect people for mutual benefit. I have been involved with various organizations and have built up a vast network that enables me to connect like-minded people. I have met many wonderful people through my various volunteer positions and love that I am able to be a "connector" for others.

I often undertake leadership positions in organizations to practise what I preach and am proactive when it comes to building and cultivating relationships. I am told I am a positive asset to any organization with my humour, energy and enthusiasm!

I value my friendships and associations and am always thinking "How may I support you?" as ultimately this is what it is all about - being of service.

I’d love to have a conversation - especially if you are interested in hearing more about effective relationship-building strategies, appreciation marketing, or receiving solid networking info!