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LinkedIn™ Training

Frustrated by all your social media choices? Trying to figure out how to build your business using LinkedIn as one of your best marketing strategies? Struggling with how to get business from LinkedIn? Wondering what the correct etiquette is, and best practices are for your profile? Are you making connections on LinkedIn that you can then move off line and turn into business?

Knowing the essentials to using LinkedIn will make a big difference in improving your visibility and credibility – both crucial to move you towards profitability.

Through workshops, group and one-to-one training, I will help you develop and use LinkedIn as a primary tool for bringing in new business.

LinkedIn Training Packages

Did you know that 68% of customers don’t come back because of indifference – they think you don’t care!

Do you have the best intentions to keep in touch with your customers and prospects, but in reality you just don’t have enough time or energy? Maybe your database is growing and it’s becoming more difficult to stay on top of it.

With a SendOutCards program in place you will show your customers you care, consistently, for very little time or money. I can help build custom card campaigns, just for you, then automate them so you can stay focused on growing your business.

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Networking Coach

Eliminate your networking fears and say goodbye to the sweaty palms, nervous tension and rushed heart rates forever!

After working with me as your "connector mentor", your fears of being too pushy or getting rejected will be eliminated and replaced with grace and confidence!

With my guidance, encouragement and resources, YOU WILL learn valuable tips and tricks on how to:

  • Connect easily with others
  • Create worthwhile connections
  • Follow-up effectively
  • Build lasting business relationships
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